A manifesto for citizens of Earth:

We were born from organic living beings as organic living beings within an organic living being

We came from the stars and from the womb, from dust and blood

We are breathing and eating and living and dying

We can forge meaning in any way we choose and we have the right to do so

Our true purpose is to be alive on Earth

Our purpose is to breathe through each moment as humans

Our purpose is not to escape

Our purpose is not to reject

Our purpose of ascension is not to turn away

Our purpose of ascension is to embrace

Ascension is to commit to being human

Our purpose is to be here

Our purpose is to commit to working through things

Our purpose is to let go of what is not eternal

Our purpose is Not to reject our bodies

Our purpose is Not to cling to our bodies

Our purpose is to be in our bodies.

Our purpose is to be more and more in our bodies.

Rejecting and clinging to our bodies both make it harder to be more and more in them.

Our purpose is to hold on

Our purpose is to let go

We are entitled to the air

To the water and vegetables and to friendship

We already own the land and the clothing and the borders and contracts

We already captain every ship and rule every throne and patrol every river and wall

We already parent the children and nurse the sick and bury the dead who fought for the other side

We already live and we already die and our whole purpose is just

To be alive one more time. And one more time. And one more.

Break my bread and feed half to the starving child.

She is already here in my belly vast and bright.

Drink my blood and pour it into the earth.

Your garden is already growing in my body.

Burn my hair and streak my face with soot and paint the names of evil on my bosom

The darkness already howls through my pores.

Give me a fence and I will break it down and feed it to the burning oceans

My mind is already polluted with the mess of our drills and factories and hubris.

Give me a ruler and I will measure my foot and transcribe it onto the constellations.

Give me an axe and I will bury it with a note in alien tongue.

Don’t tell me to plan when I already live in every moment and every heart.

Don’t tell me to stop suffering when this is my birthright.

Don’t tell me that to believe in God is childish when this is my birthright.

Don’t tell me I don’t understand when making mistakes is my birthright.

Don’t tell me that a doctor will heal my sickness when Illness is my birthright.

Don’t tell me when not to cry when the saltwater oceans already flow on my face.

Don’t tell me not to sing.

Don’t tell me that your money is king.

Don’t tell me that the hungry child has not earned your bread.

Don’t tell the school children that they are free citizens.

Don’t tell anyone they are slaves.

We are entitled to contradiction.

We own ourselves.

We own our problems and our solutions.

We own the food that you throw away and the medicine that you auction off to the richest bidder.

We are related to the homeless and we are responsible for the deaths from bombings and torches.

We are free to set fire to your institutions.

We know ourselves and what we need.

We personally know God in our own hearts.

Your priest means nothing to us anymore.

We are our own Gods. We are our own priests.

Bow down to the masses.

Hand us your guns so we may choose who to kill and what peace means.

Hand us your models of human behavior so we can prove you wrong.

Go ahead.

Predict what we’ll do next.

You might want to run for cover.

Seek shelter in the only truth we can ever truly pass along in this world:

Our purpose is to be alive, we are entitled to our bodies and to our home.

We are Spirit enlivening Earth with wisdom, heart, and power.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain,

When we view our bodies as vehicles and

When we recognize the true meaning of life is just

To be alive.