Updated on December 4, 2023


Psychic Readings, Consultation Calls & Email Consults

with Claire Frances Turner

Let's start with the quick facts:

My readings are $85. You can sign up on my bookings page for psychic readings. I offer some time slots priced at $65 and $45 for those with financial need. Email me for availability!

I also offer general consultations in addition to formal readings. My general consult calls are $65. You can book a consultation call here. I offer some time slots for these priced at $45 and $25 for those who have financial need. Email me for availability!

I also offer readings and consultations through email communication rather than scheduled calls. If you're interested, email me and let me know what you'd like support with! I'll send immediate thoughts and offer options with quotes for how we can communicate in the way that best serves you.

You can contact me at clairefrancesturner@gmail.com

What's the difference between these?

When you book a reading from me, it'll be an hour spent with me sitting still, with my eyes mostly closed, drawing down information for you from Spirit. This is different from booking a consultation, where you and I will connect to talk about spirituality, philosophy, and life.

For some people, a live reading might feel overwhelming at this time. You might prefer written communication over a live, scheduled call through Zoom. I'm happy to provide support through email. Someone once told me that she felt that receiving my intuitive guidance via writing was a great way to "open the door" for a live reading.

About the readings

Integral to my study and practice of conscious self-transformation is my psychic work. I'm privileged to work one-on-one with souls like myself who seek deeper integration of spiritual truth in our daily, physical lives. I'm personally deeply committed to continually unfolding into the embodiment of spirit and honoring the sovereignty and beauty of all souls.

My chief priority in your reading will be helping you feel safe to experience all of yourself and holding space for you to access the high-frequency light of your own soul while we harvest the rich insight that your spirit guides have available for you.

How Psychic Readings Can Bring Palpable Relief in Today's World

You truly know yourself best. However, things can get confusing here on earth. Our sense of identity can become smaller than what we really are, and it's easy in this world to forget to listen to our deeper / higher selves.

We all have spirit guides with whom we can directly communicate, but sometimes we forget to ask them for help, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell if we're picking up on them, and sometimes we struggle to channel our energy into this work, especially when we're going through challenging periods in our lives.

Even if we do have a strong relationship with our guides and have been receiving guidance, sometimes hearing confirmation from another intuitive brings a sense of relief and confidence in the information we've been receiving.

The Role of Challenging Emotions and "Blocks" in Soul Evolution

Most everyone encounters emotional experiences that carry us along in our personal evolution. Often times these experiences are so challenging and uncomfortable that we resist them for some time, and we often call these "blocks." This is natural, and it's simply a stage in our ever-unfolding evolution. No one else can "make" us process and release these blocks; we as individuals are the masters of our selves and we are entitled to our experiences of suffering.

One of the many mysteries of the human condition is how experiences of suffering carry gifts, including lessons. Our challenges and pain ultimately serve us in this way. It is absolutely valid to struggle to accept this, and it's okay to be exactly where we all are right now. I continue to work with this belief because it's an empowering mindset that enables hopeful problem solving, and I've observed its truth in my life, and spirit has clearly told me so.

How I Can Support You Spiritually

Even when we're aware that there is gold to be mined from our present experiences, it can be difficult to work through everything by ourselves, especially given the pervading attitudes in society around such challenging experiences. Sometimes our inner work can feel lonely and exhausting when we're struggling to access our more expansive selves and our souls.

It can be incredibly helpful to experience a sense of safety within the context of addressing our challenges. To be energetically held by the hand. In my readings, while I myself do serve as a safe and compassionate space, my higher role is holding space for and channeling the expansive, wise and purely loving intelligent light that holds the records of your soul and relays information and energetic support from your spirit guides.

Why I'm Doing Readings

This particular method of service is healthy for me at this stage of my spiritual development. I'm developing a strong relationship with the light of God and I'm honing in on the study of soul evolution. As I consistently move into my next stage of embodiment, I must consistently evolve; this process is a teacher to me. Additionally, much of the higher-level insight I glean for individuals is applicable to all. I'm teasing out strands of truth over time so I can share the broader lessons that are relevant to everyone.

How I Access Psychic Information

For readings, I access your Akashic Records using your full legal name within a specific prayer process. I've found this process to be potent and effective every time, and that's why I keep doing it this way. In 2020 the Records presented themself to me and I worked with them intuitively for readings during that time, but since then, I've found that using the prayer and the full legal name supports live readings.

FAQs About the Akashic Records:

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records exist within an ultra-fine frequency of light which permeates all of existence. The Records exist beyond time, and they document the entire journey of your soul, including every lifetime and everything in between. All that has happened, is happening, and will ever happen is recorded in the records. All actions, events, feelings, and thoughts are recorded. Through the Records, your spirit guides are available to support you with the guidance of omnipotent wisdom and knowledge.

When Is a Good Time To Have a Reading?

While the Records are available to provide direction and healing during any time of your life, getting a reading can be exactly what you need during stages when:

A reading will usher the right energy into your life to help you through major changes as well as times when you're struggling to create the changes that you desire.

What Should I Expect in My Akashic Reading?

We will come onto the call together, and after I obtain your full legal name, I will guide us through a simple exercise to ground and draw down light. Know that your intention to connect and center is enough here. This will simply be time to relax together in preparation for the reading. Note: I also offer readings in a written format as "intuitive poetry."

You can enter your reading with peace of mind that:

I will recite a short prayer that invokes your soul's Records using the energy in your name. I will pause to say some lines silently, and then I will open your Records.

Your spirit guides will bring forward what messages are relevant for you right now, based on the discretion of the Lords of the Records. The type of information that comes forward for you will be unique, because it will be tailored to your exact circumstances.

I will record the session and send you the file afterward, so you can relax without taking notes.

Will I Receive Healing Through the Reading?

The energy that you receive is the "key" to the efficacy of the reading. It's the energy of love and compassion that carries your activations and guidance through your body into your life here on earth, packed up for you "like a spiritual hug."

Rather than sending you remote healing energy myself, I'll continuously hold the intention that you receive the healing you need at this time from the Records. The omnipotent light of the Records will carry out this work on your behalf, for the highest good of all. We will respect your sovereignty over your personal energy throughout this process.

Can the Akashic Records Tell My Future?

While the Records do include information from all of time, including the future, these readings are not fortune tellings. Humans possess free will, and our futures depend on our decisions; the Records therefore deal with probability.

My readings focus on your soul-level lessons and how you can apply them in your daily life on earth. Our priority in the Records is delivering you guidance from your spirit guides that will give you the perspective, sense of well-being, and strength of energy to help you carry out your soul's purpose and to channel more of who you truly are into your life.

Will the Records Tell Me About Past Lives?

You're welcome to ask about past lives, but I recommend you ask about how past lives relate to a question you have about your present life. The Records will only offer information that's relevant to your life lessons right now. If you'd like to build on one of your strengths or skills with information from past lives, you can ask about that, as well.

How Do I Prepare for an Akashic Reading?

Rest as well as you can the night before our call, and be sure to hydrate throughout the day before. I recommend you take some time to sit quietly with yourself before our session. You may meditate during that time, if you wish, and you can also focus your attention on the questions you'd like to ask, opening up your mind to receiving guidance and healing.

Find a space for our call that's as quiet and comfortable as possible, so you can relax and enjoy the reading to the best of your ability.

What Are the Best Questions To Ask?

Stick to questions that use the words "how," "what," and "why." Avoid yes-or-no questions or questions about when something will happen. The Records will provide perspective, guidance, and explanations, but they can't tell you about outcomes, as the outcomes of your life are based on your decisions.

Some potentially successful questions include things like:

Taking some time to journal and examine how you feel about your life will help you identify the questions that will yield the most beneficial responses.

We Experience Your Records Together

The more open you are to this shared flow of energy, the more you'll be aware of its benefit in your life. If you struggle to open up to this flow for whatever reason, please know that the light will still come to you in your life; it just might not be as apparent to you if you struggle to experience this. It is okay; we all go through periods like these!


The akashic reading with Claire was incredibly powerful, soothing and healing! I felt so supported and held through the entire process. I was left with a much deeper sense of peace and with a clearer direction to take in the areas of my life where I felt stuck.

~ Clarissa

I throughly enjoyed my Akashic reading with Claire. Claire created such a safe space to explore the Records and ensure I felt able to receive guidance. My sensory/communication needs were respected and accommodated as I had requested Claire record my reading rather than completing it face to face. It was refreshing to ask for accomodations and have them met with great ease.

I definitely felt a huge shift in my internal perspectives and release toward ways of thinking that I was getting stuck in. I feel more empowered following the reading and quite supported physically as well. The internal release I've felt is palpable, something I had struggled with for most of my life. Claire is such a kind intuitive practitioner and I would highly recommend getting in touch with her if you are feeling in a rut, stuck or disempowered. Thank you Claire for holding space.

~ Cassandra

I booked a session with Claire to read my Akashic Records while feeling on the fence about a few details and different paths in my life and when I didn't know which next steps to take. Claire's session and the amazing insight she provided brought me the clarity I needed to move forward and take those next steps, while also grounding me in knowing that I was making the right decisions.

Since our session, I have been moving and flowing through my life intentionally with the guidance she provided me, and have made exceptional strides in the new path that I've taken. Thank you Claire for helping me gain the clarity and reassurance I needed to move forward in my life!

~ Tanya

My Akashic reading with Claire provided clarity, confirmation, and new insights that have deeply nourished my spirit. The warm space she held offered me a sense of expansion and comfort as I move forward in understanding my life experiences and purpose. The gold mined from my reading will live on as a reference for those moments when my spirit needs it most, and for that, I am grateful.

~ Ashleigh

Claire created a safe space to explore and facilitate healing of a long standing, painful block that I had come firmly up against. Her intelligent and unique approach fully engaged me and allowed us to dive deeply into my questions. Her perception and connection to spirit brought clarity to the messages meant for me.

I would liken my reading from Claire to a beautiful spring day. Not because of the trite image of breezes, butterflies and flowers, but because upon reflection, there is the powerful and deep sense of peace and optimism that has remained with me.

I would recommend Claire's readings to anyone, whether you're an experienced practitioner or someone just setting out to better understand your spiritual journey. Namaste.

~ Mary

How Do I Sign Up?

I conduct hour-long, live readings via Zoom. I'll record the session for you!

Please note that due to the nature of my health, I occasionally might need to reschedule a reading, but don't worry! I reserve open time in my schedule for rescheduling, if needed.

You're welcome to visit my calendar to book a reading or consultation. <3

If you have any questions, I'm available to support you at clairefrancesturner@gmail.com

In harmony and friendship,