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Supplementary Materials for My Latest Videos

Spiritual Sovereignty and The Mastery of Love (YouTube video, posted December 18, 2023)

Thoughts on applying lessons about love from Don Miguel Ruiz's book The Mastery of Love to mindsets for the spiritual seeker in navigating the self, spiritual teachers, and finding the true source of revelation, wisdom, and love.

Reflection Questions

These are absolutely not meant to have right or wrong answers. These are simply meant to help direct your attention to areas of your experience where the above discussion might be relevant, and to invite reflection, if you wish to engage in this way.

What was a time in my life when I experienced a personal revelation?

When was a time in my life when someone tried to control my inner experience by forcefully giving me advice?

What do I honestly perceive as the sources of spiritual authority in my life?

This can sometimes be painful to consider. I've been in groups that have seriously bruised my sense of sovereignty. Please go lightly with yourself.

Of course, there's often some truth in the teachings that are also undermining sovereignty. We probably don't want to try to control everything. We probably want to relax our minds to open ourselves up to more spiritually true ways of thinking. Of course, finding guidance and wisdom in spiritual teachers is so important.

But, it's not truly loving to use language that directs people's attention away from their own sovereignty and towards an external authority that's been deemed all-mighty and the source of salvation.

We ultimately can't find salvation outside of ourselves. We won't be satisfied in this way. And believing that we don't have access to the things we need within ourselves makes us more vulnerable to unhealthy relationships, whether romantic or spiritual.


Here are some ideas for self-care, if these discussions are dysregulating for your nervous system, and just in general:


Sign up for my free webinars if you'd like to explore these themes deeper in a live group call, and to get more of my personal reflections. I included a lot more in the email I sent out for this video and write-up!

... ..

The Importance of Mind in Spiritual Development (YouTube video, posted December 4, 2023)

This is my first spiritual YouTube video. I recorded this to get into the flow of speaking and sharing, and I discuss what might be happening behind the scenes for me in terms of struggling to get to a point where I can speak about my spiritual ideas. I encourage you, too, to share the ideas you've been holding in your heart, which you feel you must share in order to move along your path in life.

This video is a warm-up, a preamble to my series I'm preparing to share on here, called Grounding into Divine Orientation. We'll be discussing grounding and the spiritual column in greater depth, for those who already have a grounding practice to have some fun exploring the philosophy and theory around these universal ideas and practices.

Digging deeper

Mind, thoughts, and ideas... are these enemies to spiritual development? Or might they serve as the actual spiritual avenue to the embodiment of wisdom, love, and universal truth?

There are so many spiritual teachings centered around the mind, because the mind is spirit, and the mind is powerful. Working with our thoughts on a day-to-day basis, we might perceive our thoughts to be the root of our spiritual problems. But, does that mean the mind itself is a spiritual obstacle?

As healers, meditators, spiritual practitioners, mystics, seekers, witches, psychics, energy workers... we can view spiritual study as an ever-unfolding, mysterious process of entraining the mind to the thoughts and ideas that resonate as most true within our inner and outer cosmos.

I've found that a great way to work on this is to set the intention during my spiritual practice that my entire mind may harmonize with spirit-mind in the way that's most appropriate for my soul evolution.

Supplemental Prompt

Our minds filter our entire experience of life into our consciousness. We can ponder how the "enlightened" mind could employ ideas and thoughts that resonate as most true within our inner and outer cosmos.

How can we tell if an idea and thought resonates with more spiritual truth?

What might you experience within your soul (feeling / perceiving body) that would indicate you're employing a way of thinking that resonates as more spiritually true?

I imagine that I can recognize I'm "onto something" when my thinking results in feelings of expansiveness, relaxation (releasing tension), energization, regulation, compassion, and understanding.

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Spiritual Development Studio

Spiritual Development Studio Booking Calendar

Meditate and study individually, together, in an open-minded online studio space valuing sovereignty and discernment. Open to all levels with opportunities to go deep!

Originally written and sent to my email subscribers:

As some of you know, in 2016, I was a violin performance major in a rigorous music conservatory. I was in love with music and the discipline. I loved my studio. Then, in 2018, I had to leave school and give up playing my instrument because of chronic illness and disability.

It was and still is very painful to lose such a love. I'd been ejected out of my greatest source of solace and of community. I've pursued spirituality over the last five years, consciously learning to re-weave the threads of what I lost back into my life, to ultimately strengthen my spirit even further than I could have when using music as my primary, less-intentional spiritual practice.

I've learned that my body is my psychic instrument. I can learn to work with my self, just as, if not more, intensively as how I worked with the violin.

But, I loved how in music school we'd all practice in rooms along a hallway, with windowed doors, saying hi, listening to each other play, and asking if anyone had an extra music stand.

We had weekly studio class to play for each other and to troubleshoot technique and interpretation. Peers would share thoughts and support one another.

We were all in it, (deep in it), together.

And I've really missed that in my spiritual studies.

... ..

I've studied and practiced a variety of spiritual traditions and paths. With my desire to go deep, I've leapt at some communities that promise rigor and community. I've found that many schools, paths, and leaders gunk up the spiritual experience with karmically sketchy oaths, claims that their way is the best / only right way, judgment of other practices, and tut tutting at having an ego (which is an excellent avenue to later manipulate people, however unintentionally).

Some of you, for instance, might remember how, a few years ago, I announced that I was going to stop writing about spirituality altogether. At the time, I was immersed in a particular organization that, while housing treasured spiritual concepts, germinated the idea that to advance spiritually is to erase your identity and to never act like you have something to say - 'cause you're not one of their gurus, and you must essentially submit to those (dead) dudes.

I knew that wasn't my path and that I wanted to write and (god forbid) to speak about spirituality, but I also struggled with the idea that maybe I was succumbing to my proud ego. (By the way, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in Leo in the 9th house in my natal chart.) This led to months and months of worrying, brooding, and having the urge to delete everything I'd ever written!

Now, this group didn't say upfront that their teachings could hamper my sense of sovereignty and faith in the power of my path! The sketch-factor was unveiled over time, as I'd spent month after month studying and practicing their material. I ended up retracting my membership right when I qualified to be initiated to receive their special meditation technique, because the required oath was too problematic.

... ..

I imagine how a dynamic, interdisciplinary, and open-minded spiritual study community could support people who share values such as sovereignty, rigor, and pursuit of truth as we navigate the frankly treacherous and hopefully beautifully rewarding terrain of present-day spirituality.

To meditate beside one another in our own "practice rooms," through Zoom, NOT starting the session with "this is how we meditate."

Appreciating the dynamism that comes from different people showing up to practice in different ways. Savoring the wealth of perspectives and collective storehouse of acquired practices and strengths. Respecting how each person is doing their best to meet their own needs through whatever modality they're choosing at the moment.

That group I was in claimed that their meditation technique was the fastest way to reach God. I learned a similar technique on YouTube, and it's proven to be the fastest way for me to dissociate - not ideal for me, right now. Practicing an advanced kundalini technique is not necessarily superior to listening to a guided meditation, and these practices don't have to be mutually exclusive! Coming to this conclusion has been part of my practice of developing discernment in pursuit of wisdom, and I know you all have so much to teach me, as we come together.

... ..

In addition to sharing space to meditate in community almost daily, I'm opening up three-hour "study hall" sessions four times a month. You can view my calendar here.

Meditation Session (40 min)

Offered throughout the week to support your personal meditation practice and build community. 20-min muted unguided meditation, then 20-min chat. $5 per session.

Show up as you are. Meditate however suits you best. Having video on and talking at the end are optional. If you don't have much experience meditating yet, that's totally okay! Come along and give it a shot, then we can talk about it during the discussion if you want!

Study Hall (3hr)

4x / month to dedicate time for spiritual studies. Meditate and set an intention, then dive deep into your reading, writing, meditative research, etc. $12 per session. We'll get to chat a bit and learn about each other and what we're studying, as desired.

I'll be collecting feedback from groups about what they'd like to get out of these sessions. You can attend for just part of the session. If you don't know what to study, the group can give recommendations!

Possible Future Offerings

Psychic Development Discussion Group

To discuss and build community more than study halls, which are more for setting aside time for individual study. I want to make a poll for a good time to have a discussion group - please feel free to message me if you're interested in this!

Courses / Webinars

Some thoughts for those who are seeking support with starting to meditate. Ideas for keeping track of all the different techniques, practices, and methodologies acquired during spiritual study, and on figuring out a doable daily practice.

An intensive cohort!

We'll build up our community first, and then amongst those of us who are yearning to go even deeper together, we can do just that!

Private Readings and Consultations

In addition to group sessions, I'm still offering psychic readings. You can book these through the same Calendly page as the group sessions! I'm offering a choose-what-you-pay option for those who can't afford my rate of $85 an hour.

... ..

Thank you all for sticking with me for so long! I'm so excited to be in a space in life where I can create something sustainable, and this email list has been so supportive for that.

Action Steps

You can sign up here to join in on a group session! And please let if you have any questions or want to say hi! My email is


At the end of a very heavy week, as if by magic, I came across Claire's online meditation session, and I'm so glad I signed up. The session was perfectly set up and timed, I managed to stop the noise in my head and just BE without doing. Meditating in a session with others gives that tiny nudge that can be needed, and Claire has the warmest and calmest vibe you could ever want. She relieved me of the idea of trying to meditate "perfectly" and we just sat in peace together. I'm super grateful and I'll be back for more!

~ Katharine

Readings & Consults

Information: live and written psychic readings and consultations

Our Heart's Power: Chronic Illness + Activism + Mysticism

I'm focusing on building my studio at this moment, but I have some articles in progress about the beautiful and dynamic intersection of chronic illness, activism, and mysticism. Once I have a chance to put these out, you can find them here. I'll send the writing in my emails, too, as always.

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I'm a spiritual philosopher and psychic, a vegetable gardener and amateur herbalist, a musician and poet, and a member of a living co-op. Disability activism and mutual aid are close to my heart, and I also write about the intersection of chronic illness, activism, and mysticism. I've personally coded my website from scratch, because I think it's fun and I wanted it to look like this. :)

For those who want to support my work, I offer a choose-what-you-pay system on Patreon. You can also make a one-time donation through Stripe or buy me a coffee. I am honored to receive your support for this work and appreciate any amount you are able to contribute. <3

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